Here is Phoenix (aka: Phinny) in our backyard. She joined our family on September 3, 2001.

Here is Phinny unimpressed by Madja & Bobo.

A action shot of dogs at play in the yard.  Astro is about to catch Madja, who is chasing Oni, who is about to be caught by Phinny, with Moo about to be bodyslammed by them all!

Here is Uncle Frosty (11 years old) with his niece, Phoenix (2 1/2 years old).  His mother is her grandmother.

Phinny quickly discovered the grooming table is a great place to sun herself!

Phinny also discovered the waterbed!

I just asked Phinny to get off the bed. She how she listened to me!

Phinny is getting bord with having her picture taken.

Mama!  Enough already!  (She is giving me a dirty look!)

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