Tickle has done a lot of traveling since she was born.

Tickle left here at 8 weeks and went to Julie Morris's house in MI. Tickle had a job to do. She had to help Julie emotionally. (Click here to go to Julie's web page about Tickle.)

Tickle loves Julie and Julie loves Tickle. But both Tickle and Julie knew she was needed to help someone else. So Tickle became a mama, to continue to spread her love to Julie and others. (Click here to read all about her litter!)

Tickle then left and went to live with Jane Sherrell. Jane was very sad, as her last Ibizan, Dot, had crossed to Rainbow Bridge. Tickle again helped fill the emptiness for someone. Jane adored Tickle and Tickle adored Jane. After a few months of being worshiped by Jane, something tragic had happened. Jane died suddenly on October 8, 2009. I quickly made plans to fly from WA across the USA to TN to get Tickle and her housebrother Shiloh and bring them back here. Once again, Tickle knew she had a final job to do. She needed to help me help fill the void I have with Jane's passing. Tickle has come home...

Tickle wins her second point with Debbie Harrell handling her. It was Under Mr. Richard Reynolds at the Linn Co. KC show, 2/14/10.

Tickle wins her third point at the Chintimini KC show on 4/4/10, under Mrs. Joan Urban. Tickle was handled by her co-owner/co breeder, Emily Kerridge!

Tickle wins 2 more points at the Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers Assoc. show on 4/11/10, under Mr. Steven Gladstone. Tickle was handled by her co-owner/co breeder, Emily Kerridge, and Debbie stood in to have the picture taken!

Tickle happy in her cage!

Tickle won BOB for a 4 point major at the Clackamas KC show on June 27, 2010. She was handled by her co-breeder/owner, Emily Kerridge. Judge was Mrs. Monica Canestrini.

Tickle won WB & BOW for a 4 point major at the IHCUS Regional Specialty show on June 16, 2012. She was handled by Michelle Paulin. Judge was Mr. George Boulton.

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